CFG showcase – Lloyds tea house

Tea Decanter
Tea Decanter
Black Tea with Irish Cream
Black Tea with Irish Cream


I have always been a non coffee non tea drinker until recently! On travelling to Bangkok last summer I feel in love with lemon grass tea. I had been trying to find something similar here in Chennai to no luck
The closest to it was found in benjarong but one can’t go there every other day for it.
So I was thrilled to hear about Lloyds tea house esp it being so close to home.
After 2 attempts of trying to find the place finally landed there on the day of the showcase. I was with a friend and b/w the 2 of us we had a lemon grass tea, asparagus soup. Both were good! The soup had a mild asparagus flavor with a hint of spice. The tea was also quite mild which I wld have liked a lil stronger. As we were getting ready to leave Fazil walked in followed by Aarti and Nishanth!
So I decided to stay for the showcase. As were given the choice to try any of their huge variety of teas I decided, this time, to try Black tea with Irish cream while a lot of the grp went for iced teas.
The black tea arrived and the aroma itself was great. To some they got an aroma of chocolate, for me it was a dark roast aroma and the flavor also was similar.
Unlike most places using tea pots Lloyds used a decanting pot which dispenses as it’s kept on the cup, the tea flows from below! It was fascinating to c that.
I left by the time the food arrived so can’t tell much abt that.
But definitely a place I wld go back to!
Lastly I wld like to say that plz keep some honey as a lot of teas taste better with a hint of honey
I didn’t take any pics as there were many who did the same!
Looking fwd to a great tea time there again!


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  1. aarti says:

    Very nicee.. Welcome to the blog world :))

    1. belle2211 says:

      thanks aarti!! 🙂

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