Dinner at 3 Kingdoms, KNK Chennai

A couple of nights ago I decided to go to dinner with friends. None of us were in he mood for Indian food and as anvi was going with us we decided to try something that will child friendly. We picked 3 Kingdoms on KNK as none of us had ever been there and anvi likes noodles šŸ™‚

When we arrived we were the only people in theĀ restaurant apart from the small party that was happening behind closed doors (looked like some political dinners as every one was wearing only white :)) We ordered for pan fried dimsum and a mixed vegetable crisps as appetizers. My friend was hungry and ate most of the pickled cabbage before any food arrived. The mixed veg dish came it was nice, sweet dish so was able to feed anvi as she was also hungry and sleepy. The food was taking a while to come so went ahead and ordered a american chopsuey.Ā This came quite promptly, the noodles were nice and crisp and the sauce with vegetables was mildly spiced so my 4 yr old enjoyed it. The dimsum arrived after the chopsuey came (after having reminded 3 times)Image and was very bland!! did not enjoy it at all!

We went on to order our main course, I wanted something with a peanut base so a Thai dish was suggested along with steamed rice. It came and as we started to eat it seemed to have a very strong burnt aroma and flavor and the spice flavor esp an anise flavor was very over powering. Called the waiter and told him he insisted that thats how it was supposed to taste. Finally sent it back and ordered a schewan fried rice along with a gravy.

I didnt try the gravy as i was already feeling full, although i hadnt eaten much, but the fried rice was good, spicy but not hot! and a good balance of overall flavor. We didnt have any desserts as anvi wanted HD ice cream.


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