CFG Showcase @ Sukh Sagar Kilpauk

I normally go for showcases that are close to home or work, but when I heard that it was happening at Sukh Sagar I had to go.

Just the name SS incites so many memories. Many a times we used to bunk college and head over to SS at chowpathy (Bombay) and hog out on pav bhaji and chaats.

I was the 1st to arrive and as I was heading up to the dining room I ran into this guy who looked very familiar but cldnt place him. On talking we realized he used to come to Bellaria! And he happs to own SS now 🙂 small world or what? It was good talking to him and his partner Vishnu (his name is Vinay)

People started arriving so we were given some watermelon juice and ordered for some soup, manchow soup


It comes with some crispy noodle which added some texture to the soup. It was lil spicy which was good.

Next came a whole bunch of appetizers: paneer tikka, mushroom tikka, corn sheek kebab. Also got crispy vegetables which were good


By this time most of us were already nearly full! But it was not the end. What followed was dahi puri, bhel puri and pani puri. After this followed the south Indian dishes: Sambhar vada and idly


More food followed: the all time favorites pav bhaji, channa bhatura and veg sandwich. All of these were good, and I was bursting at the seams!!

Then I was told main course was yet to come!! I just cldnt eat any more! But as we were there to try the restaurant’s offering we made it a point to at least try a lil. We got roti/ naan dal makhani paneer butter masala and also another mushroom dish( don’t rem the name)

When u thought u just can’t eat anymore we were tempted to try the desserts! And I believe there’s always room for desserts. Now I wanted to try something other than ice cream, so asked for gulab jamun, which they, sadly, didn’t have. So after much contemplation got a sundae


Choco nut sundae!

After all that I didn’t think I cld eat for another week! SS offering is comfort food! And place is the perfect neighborhood comfort food joint. With the wide choice there’s something for every palate.

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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