Bangalore’s Food/Drink exploration

On a whim we decided to head to Bangalore this weekend as we had been hearing a lot about the food scene changing and the sprouting of numerous micro breweries.

So hopped on a bus and got here 6 hrs later. Saturday night it was and we headed for the Arbor brewing co,  near Garuda mall. We went early as the place was already booked and swarming with people. All there for their love of beer. The energy was high and contagious. We loved it coz it was soooo different from mundane Chennai!


Even the food was great, and the tab even better :), this wld have definitely cost us a bomb in Chennai.

Sunday night we hit TOIT at indira nagar, the place was HUGE!!! A great selection of food and drink and lovely home brews waiting to be gulped.


And the best part was none of it was terribly expensive. The fact that almost all restaurants are attached to a bar makes it easier and cheaper to eat and drink.

There is so much more to explore and not enough space in the tummy. Until nxt time we venture out here again the other places will have to wait, but with the lil we sampled of the F&B scene here it’s definitely gonna draw us back 🙂

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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