It’s raining….. no it’s mini melts

In Bangalore these days one can pretty much find all the things you would find in Fremont, CA except ofcourse the freeways and the clean wide roads. So I wad pleasantly surprised to find mini melts on brigade road.

The entire street was decorated festively and it was a picturesque view. Only on close observations did I notice the mini melts boards.
At the end of the road there is a kiosk from where one can help themselves to these petit treats.
I was thoroughly disappointed to see the kiosk unmanned. So decided to come back the next day. The next day also we find no one at the kiosk.
I was a little upset leaving Bangalore w/o trying the mini melts. Before boarding the bus we decided to grab lunch at Mc Donalds and lo behold found a manned mini melts kiosk.

Mini melts are small pieces of frozen ice cream. Liquid Nitrogen is used to get this effect. It was a lil disappointing as it didn’t taste much like anything but ice. In the US u normally find a mini melt vending machine, mostly towards the entry/exit points in malls. I guess here we do have a billion people to put to work!


purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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