California Pizza Kitchen whooo hoooo!!!

I was super excited to see that CPK would be opening soon at Phoenix mall. Every time we went to that mall i would walk around that spot to see if it had opened or any signs of it opening soon. So i got all excited this past weekend when I saw there were no shutter and there were people inside. I went asked if they were open and I was told it would open the following Monday (yesterday). I had spent 2 years having lunch from CPK everyday!! yeah what can I say it was close to work and more importantly i was addicted to their food.

I had eaten all of their Veg pizzas and even the Non-Veg ones that could be made without the meat were made  for me. So monday night a friend and I went there to see how things were. Now although I was told they were opening Monday, our friends went there on sunday itself and had liked the place. We were the only 2 people who were there and then later some more people came in. As we were the only 2 customers for a while we had all the attention!! Everyone kept coming to our table to talk to us and ask how things were to the point it got quite annoying. So when we saw 2 forks with our place setting my friend said that the 2nd fork was to poke the annoying people away 😉

We got the letteuce wraps with paneer, the letteuce was nice and crisp and the panner filling also had a good flavor. the filling came on a bed of thin fried “vadaams” and this crispy texture added to the flavor of the overall wrap. Taking our timeto order the mani course, we decided to try the Tostada pizza, which was one of my favorites anyway. the pizza also had a good flavor. This was one  of their hot and cold pizzas. Hot and cold pizzas are where the crust would be hot and the topping layer would be cold stuff. It comes with a salsa sauce which you add on top and much away!!

We finished the meal with a very heavenly creamy white chocolate strawberry cheesecake. Perfect ending to a meal. All this along with 2 drinks gave us a bill of ~ 2000. looking for the next occassion to go  there again.


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  1. Krishna Moorthy says:

    I would like to get in touch with you for my client CPK. Request you to share your email id/phone number.

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