A dull sunday evening, we didnt have much to do and so decided to check out a new veg restaurant that opened recently. After asking for directions set off to eat there. Jalpaan is already open in Bangalore and recently started in Chennai too. The entrance to the restaurant is towards the back of the building and there was a nasty stench on the way to the entrance. Once we got past the smell we saw there were already a number of families waiting. Most parties waiting were large groups and since it was only the 2 of us we were told our wait would only be 20 minutes. I was shocked to see so much crowd so early as it was only 7:30pm. So we decided we would wait until 8:00 and if didn’t get a table we would go elsewherr

At 10 to eight we were given a table, the restaurant was bursting to full capacity. We actually had no idea what sorta cuisine to expect at this place so were quite surprised to see pastas and pizzas along with chaat and other indian items on the menu.

The menu items seemed to resemble, very closely, to stuff one gets at Cream Center. So we ordered the California Quesedilla, Palak something chaat and a Cheese roll thing as our appetizers.




The palak chaat thing had  fried palak leaves instead of the usualy hard pooris and it tasted quite nice. The roll thing was very bland and had no flavor at all. By the time the Quesedilla arrived we were getting close to filling up. The quesedilla also was a bit tasteless, although they are meant to be bland. Even though I had near stuffed myself, I couldnt resist trying the panchrangi daal. This was made with 5 different pulses and was full of flavor. this daal was cooked well and all the masalas and spices were just perfect.

There was absolutely no place for anything else so skipped dessert.  I must say that even though this place was full to capacity the service was good, the food arrived promptly and we didnt have to wait long at all. If you plan to visit I would recommend any day other than sunday dinner 🙂

Jalpaan is located off greams road opposite to the MRF building on greams road.


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