Mast Kalandar to the rescue

It was one of those days that you think will never end but it did and on a good note :). After a long work day wanted to grab some food before going home. Wanted something light and budget friendly.

After searching for some 30 minutes and not finding anything with a price tag of  less than 1000 bucks decided to just go home we saw Mast Kalandar. Have been here a couple of times and liked the food. As I was super hungry got the chaas which came in a HUGE glass. Filled half my tummy with this.

Then came my main course, rajma chawal and it was accompanied by moong dal salad and raita. The rajma was spicy and delicious. The raita paired with the spicy dal well and I was full with out finishing the portion. That is not to say the portion size was huge,  bit rather the chaas and rice filled me up quickly.

We paid about 300 bucks for this well satisfying meal. This outlet is located opposite siet college.


purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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