CFG Showcase – Tuscana

Last month the CFG showcased Tuscana’s, Wallace Garden, new offerings. Also a new manager was taking our the reins at the place and was good to meet up with her. We started off with some garlic bread, called Baguette all’Aglio, which was hot and had a good garlic flavor, nothing too strong, no vamipers to drive away!

 pic courtesy: Saraswathi Balachandran

Next came another appetizer which almost like the pizza base baked with some herbs and a nice tomato dip to go with it. It did seem like everyone was hungry as even the carrots and cucumbers were polished off! 🙂

 pic courtesy: Gowrisanker Shiva

Next came a couple of salads Insalata Caprese and Insalata Toscana

                                                                                                                                                                                                          This salad was good with the mozzarella cheese being very flavorful and just melted in the mouth.

The next salad also was very flavorful, bursting with the flavors of olives and lettuce, pears cheese and a hint of chives, which were placed as long stems rather than chopped and therefore missed every fork bite!

This was followed by Pizzas

This pizza was made gluten free and was well rounded. A lot of veggies as topping so all the flavors blended together and werent distinct. The baby corn added a nice texture while eating.

Next came the Hot Chili Pizza. This was really good the red beans gave a very distinct sweet flavor to offset the heat of the jalapenos. Definitely  kept the taste buds buzzing all night.

Next was the Alla Norma (Gluten Free penne) which was nice

Then came the Aglio Aromatizzata, this fettuccine packed a lot  of flavor. Not he usual alfredo sauce along with fettuccine this olive oil herb dressing was divine.

Lastly came the desserts, Tiramisu and Pannacotta. The tiramisu was good and moist, the pannacotta was coffee flavored which gave it a stiff texture. Somehow it didnt feel like a pannacotta but more like pudding.

All pics courtesy Saraswathi Balachander, except one.


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