Kebab Street, Kilpauk

Went to watch a play by Strayfactory saturday night at the Museum Theater at Egmore. After an hour of laughing and enjoying ourselves it was now time to please the tummy, whose growls were slowly increasing in volume and timing. Hubby wanted to go to Tic Tac opposite Alsa Mall, but I didnt!! I suggested going to Kebab Street, we had been there a few times before and love the food but it was just too far to go there more often, so there we went.

Kebab Street offers a variety of veg and non veg kebabs, shawarma, gravies and desserts. I got the Paneer Tikka Kebab and hubby got cheesy chicken kebab. My Kebab was delicious with the paneer cooked to perfection and perfect spice flavor. All kebabs are served with a roti so you can make a roll and eat it that way, if you prefer. Hubby said that his kebab was also very good and just melted in his mouth.



We also got the Paneer butter masala gravy with Naan. Our daughter loved it, was not too spicy and full of flavor and the naan was also just right and completed the meal for us.


We then got the Kulfi, on the house, i guess it is good to know the owner ;). The kulfi was very good with just a subtle saffron flavor. Perfect end to a perfect meal. If your in the area do check it out. Kebab Street is located behind Ega Theater.



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  1. Gopal (hubby) says:

    U didn’t write about the chicken shawarma I got…. It was ver good too…. The pricing was good and it’s an absolute value for money:)

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