Zha Cafe, Adyar

I had been hearing a lot about this Zha cafe, the name is actually a letter in Tamil but written as zha in english. I found this place was just next to my daughter’s dance class. So after much procrastination finally went there last week. It is an old house and the entrance structure tells u that. The rooms of the house have been converted to depict different themes. We saw the snakes and ladder room and the canoe room.

The snakes and  ladder room, very creatively, has the game placed in the middle of the room. This room smelt musty and old when we entered and decided to sit out, that is my daughter came and insisted we sit in that room and play the game.

We ordered corn pakodas and sundal, which was the dish of the day. The sundal was ok a little bland and less salt. Also it didnt have any shaved raw mango or coconut shaving which are typically associated with sundal. The corn pakodas were also very bland a little sweet coming from the  corn.

We also got some drinks to wash this down with. The drinks were supposed to be flavored sodas, the plain old lime one was called Meena and the strawberry lychee one had another name that i dont remember. They came with the syrup stuck to the bottom and almost no fizz to them! We didnt send them back as our daughter liked them.

Anyway apparently this is their last month in the current venue in adyar. They will be moving to Beasnt Nagar next. Its a great concept and very local flavors and food, hope they do  it better at the new place!


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