CPK Again!

On invite, I went to California Pizza Kitchen to check out more things on the menu this time. I had the opportunity to meet the chef and interact with him for some time, which was a good thing as he explained a lot of things. One fact that i learnt from him was that all the Veg stuff in CPK is truly Veg including the parmesan cheese! CPK changed suppliers to ensure that the cheese on Veg pizza was truly Veg.

I started out with a summer freeze drink after deciding not to go with the cucumber delight, which i presumed to be very cumcumbry, but when i did try it was quite refreshing and had more of a green apple flavor.

We got Mediterranean Focaccia as appetizers, this was server along with garlic butter and olive oil and herbs. Can see the pic above. The focaccia was light and the garlic butter with the bread was really good.

Next we got the Sedona Tortilla soup, this is a thick tomato based soup flavored with mild spices and tortilla pieces adding texture and increasing the flavor of the soup.

Next came absolutely amazing dishes: the lettuce wraps and the black bean quesadilla. The lettuce wraps are nothing but large lettuce leaves that come with a paneer filling (non veg options also available). So you make your own wrap by adding the filling to the lettuce and rolling and eating. The sweet sour flavor of the paneer filling along with the crunch of lettuce is very good. the water chestnuts in the paneer filling truly gave the flavor a boost.

The Black bean quesadilla served with tartar sauce was delicious

Next came the Pizzas, no need any introductions here. The tortilla pizza was great as usual. The california pizza was also great with all the individual veggies giving their distinct flavors to the pizza.

I was too full to eat any more at this point but couldnt resist the pasta that was served and decided to have a little morsel and was glad that i did. absolutely amazing pasta.

You would think that after eating all this there would be no room left in the tummy, but who would say no to dessert! especially such good dessert. The white chocolate strawberry cheesecake and red velvet cake was just fabulous! as evidenced by what is left on the plate.

but the icing on the cake for me was the Tiramisu! undoubtedly the best Tiramisu in town, too bad I had to share with the others and got only a few mouthfuls 😦

As this post has taken me a while to publish, CPK has some wonderful things going on right now that you may want to check out.

‘MasterChef Australia Season 5’ celebration at California Pizza Kitchen, Chennai, During this celebration, till December 2013, MasterChef Italian dishes such as Roasted Tomato & Aragula Pizza, Creamy Artichoke Penne and5 Spice Lemon Garlic Baked Basa will be served at California Pizza Kitchen, Chennai.


The CPK outlet now gives all pizza lovers a reason to rejoice with its exclusive initiative, ‘Pizza Fest’. This festival will see a phenomenal range of world inspired pizzas fused with exquisite flavours. The outlet has rolled out special, tapas-style platters. These platters, available across all its outlets from September 25 – October 13, 2013, allow customers to sample a variety of pizzas for the price of one!

Dont Miss these exciting opportunities!!!!


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