Crimson Chakra New Additions – CFG Showcase

Crimson Chakra, Adyar, has been my long standing favorite places to eat. There are a few dishes I am really fond of and usually end up eating only those when ever I visit. So when i heard they were showcasing new menu additions I went out of curiosity to see how can these “new” things be as good as the current dishes. I am so glad I went and was proven wrong!

We started off with a Murungakai Charu, drumstick soup, I was expecting as sambar based dish but this was nothing like it. It had a mild flavor which was good not heavy on masala and the drumstick seeds in it added to the overall flavor.

Next to arrive were the Tiranga Paneer Tikka and Patiyala Sheek Kebab both were really good too. Again not too spicy, but just about right to give very good flavor.


Next came a Paneer Satay, it was covered in a sweet -spicy sauce and came with a peanut dipping sauce. Both the sauces combined gave an excellent flavor to the Paneer. I think this dish will  now be added to my already long list of favorite dishes.


The Bread basket with assorted rotis and naans and parathas was good along with the Vegetable Jalfrezi. I was too full to eat all that was offered, had sorta filled my self up with the paneer satay :). The Paneer Pitha Roll was good too, a lil too heavy on the filling so hard to bite into.


The Basil vegetable rice was a lil low on the basil flavor but otherwise quite good. The meal ended with a rather lovely Kulfi. We also got to taste some items from the CC @ Night menu. I only tasted a lil of the burger, which was huge!! So now all those midnight craving will be satisfied too 🙂


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