Sugar rush@ best nagar – CFG Showcase

A cozy little joint@  besant nagar,  where galloping gooseberry was situated before closing. Contrary to the name this place also offers a variety of savory dishes to please one and all.

We started off with a blueberry shake


Which was very refreshing for it was a hot night. Next we tried Mexican herb toast.


It had a light herb seasoning which balanced the bread and cheese flavor very well.
Next came the cottage cheese sandwich,  which is a pander sandwich. Had a good stuffing of the cottage cheese.


Next came the Oreo ocean shake. Here there was a little bit of an off flavor, which on further digging we found out was from a bad batch of ice cream. Once the ice cream was changed the shake was very good.


We tried a veg pizza and burger next,  both were good but cldnt eat much as we were already stuffed.



We also tried the hash browns listed on the menu. The golden fried potatoes never seem to disappoint.


No matter how stuffed you are there is always room for desserts! We tried some cupcakes and a chocolate cake,  needless to say they were all good!



The cupcake s were kitkat, Apple crumble and chocolate.

Definitely a place to go on any lazy day! ! Or any day to satisfy a sweet tooth and grab a few savory things too!

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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  1. Banu says:

    Looks interesting

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