New Town, Alwarpet – CFG Showcase

Its golu season and after making my visit to one of the finest golu in the city stopped by at New Town to check out their menu offerings. The plush interiors and lighting make you feel like you are in a new town ­čÖé

The cuisine is malaysian street food and fusion asian. As I had never really ate much of the street food while in Malaysia I eagerly looked forward to what this place had to offer, especially vegetarian. It was interesting that all the tables had a little call button attached, by which you could call your server or cancel an order or ask for the bill! Cool isnt it??

First came a Orange juice or may b I should call it as slush it was in a bed of crushed ice. either way was good ­čÖé


Next came the Minestrone -verde Soup, I’ve usualy had chunkier versions of this with a lot more stuff floating around, but this hit the spot and aided in soothing the throat.


The┬áSalad was ÔÇô Grilled Asparagus and Broccoli with balsamic reduction, the asparagus was grilled to perfection and the balsamic reduction with the parmesan cheese just added some nutty flavor which rounded off the dish perfectly.


The starters were: Refried beans in Taco shells, Mezze platter, Asparagus and mushroom vol au vent. The refried  beans had a good flavor and the taco shells gave a good crunch. Unfortunately I never got to try the vol au vents. The mezze platter was really good. the Tabuleh in particular was very flavorful.




For Main course we had Dry pan mee, which was flat noodles. this was particularly good.

Crispy noodles with 5 spice veg was also good but had a bit too much of the nutmeg and star anise flavor for me. I would have prefered a slightly less spiced noodle.


Veg grill sandwich, as opposed to your regular grilled sandwiches this one was made with bell peppers and loaded with cheese. A hearty sandwich and loads of flavor.

Roti canai veg curry was also really good.


Ended the meal with Roti Bom, Vatalappam, Orange chocolate mud pie, Apple crumbled tart, Mango mascarpone pannacotta, Espresso cream brulee.




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