Tea Tasting Session With Splenda

This morning was gloomy with a slight breeze and i wondered if it would start to rain again as the rain would definitely put brakes on my plans for the day! But then again a gloomy day like this and a Tea Tasting session would be perfect. The tasting session was to be conducted by the renowned tea connoisseur Mr . Sriram. All the teas would be sweetened with Splenda, which is a zero calorie no aftertaste sweetener.

A few things I learnt from the seesion:

– Never make Tea in boiling water!! who would have thought that tea isn’t made in boiling water, apparently only 75-80 degree is best.

– The liquor should be extracted in about 3 minutes for specialty teas. Increasing the time may make the tea more harsh (flavor attribute)

– The tea that people normally make at home, with milk and sugar, is made to withstand the boiling temperature.

We started out with a White Tea which was well rounded had a mellow flavor and some bitter sweet notes. Adding the Splenda took away those bitter notes. This tea was made using not only the buds but also he 1st two leaves. The second White tea we tasted was made with the Buds only. This one was mellower and very light.

The Green Tea mad its appearance next, it had some harshness to it and also a bite. Finally it was the regular tea’s turn which everyone gladly had with some milk and sugar. I on the other hand still had it black, cant stand milk anymore, and quite liked it  like that! Adding Splenda did alter the flavor of the teas making them sweeter and toning down some bitterness.

Keep in mind a little Splenda can go a loonngg way.




Explaining about Tea making process
Tea Leaves

Pics 4



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