Little Italy Besant Nagar

Long ago I saw that little Italy had opened at Besant Nagar and it looked really good from outside. So was looking for every opportunity to visit this place.

This Saturday was meeting some friends for dinner and we decided to go there. We were 5 adults with one child. As it was my daughter’s dinner v quickly ordered some pasta for her and got Nachos for us. We told the waiter to bring it quickly and so they did. Kudos for that.

I ordered a Robin Hood drink which was supposed to be strawberry but tasted more like lime!

Our friends were delayed coming but not once were we asked ” is the rest of ur party joining shortly”. And it was a busy night all the tables were full, but the service was gr8 !!
We got risotto pizza and spaghetti all very good and generous portions. The only thing was v ordered the pizza with sun dried tomatoes, which were tiny that they passed for olives, but tasted good nonetheless.
Definitely going back again! !


Lemon cheesecake as our daughter loves lemon/lime who also finished my drink!

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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