Cream Center – R A Puram

A cousin was visiting for the night and I was supposed to have decided a place for dinner, only I didn’t! I don’t know why it is, every time I have to think of a place to go eat I go blank! ! So after refusing many places we decided to go to Cream Center.

The drive was rushed further due to nature calls that my daughter decided were coming right at that moment 😦
After the rushed entry, I noticed the sign on the table saying there was a Mexiterrean festival going on.

So ordered a few things from this menu. The Toastada was awesome!!

Little Toastada cups with flavorful bean dip topped with salsa verde and olive.
Next came the mezze platter


The tabuleh was excellent! The hummus was good but a bit too grainy for me. The salad with cheese was also very refreshing.

Definitely worth a visit. Don’t know how long it’s on. And of course ended the meal with a sizzling brownie. 🙂

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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