Azulia at GRT

One of the nights when hubby and I were alone, we decided to catch a quiet dinner some place, but wanted to go somewhere other than the usual joints. On my persuasion hubby agreed to try Azulia at GRT.

The place is actually quite nice in terms of ambience but that was all we enjoyed that night. After we were seated we had to wait close to 10 minutes to even see a menu. Hubby was super irritated and wanted to leave, I didn’t want to go looking for another place and insisted on staying. Mind you the place was no where to being full 4 tables max would have been occupied at that time.

Finally the menus arrived, a chef came to the table to give recommendations and explain the dishes. Quite honestly don’t know why he even came coz he cldnt answer any of the basic questions with regards to the dishes. He said there was a set menu in addition to the a la carte but didn’t know any specifics.



I got the set menu finally. It consisted of a soup or salad, starter, pizza, main course and dessert. The soup, above, was a pumpkin soup and mildly flavorful.


This was the starter a hot mezze platter. Again the hummus and taziki were good. The dark brown stuff was a dry fruit something, can’t remember it’s name had a pleasing flavor but not something I was used to so didn’t like it that much.



The, mini, pizza and risotto, main course were plain nothing gr8.
For dessert I asked for a molten lava chocolate cake, but I get served a baklava instead! When I told I had asked for something else they apologized and got my cake. Sorry no pic of dessert as phone died 🙂

Hope it will be better the next time,  that is if there is a next time! !

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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