L’ amandier R A Puram

Chennai is slowly becoming the home to lots of small bistros which are popping up all over the city. One such, relatively new one is L’ amandier which is in the next building to Cream Center at RA Puram.

After not getting reservation for lunch for a bunch of us girls, someone picked this place to try out. The owners have certainly taken the trouble to make the place look nice. The menu is a simple sheet with a la carte offerings on one side and set menu offerings on the other.

We decided to try the set menu which included a soup, starter, main, and dessert. I got a broccoli and mint soup which lacked any real flavor and was very watered down. For the starter I got a German potato salad. This was literally 6-7 small cubes of potato and a few leaves and not much flavor.


For the main I got a risotto. This was decent portion but had no salt whatsoever! There is a difference between cooking with little salt and with none at all. And this was the case for all of the main courses that people got. As I was the only veg in the group I thought there was a problem with mine but then everyone was frantically shaking the salt shakers.


I truly believe that a good dessert will make up for any bad meal if that happens. So finally I ordered a white chocolate mousse with some orange sauce. What I got was no mousse but more little badly whipped cream with some orange stuff on top.


Here are some of the other desserts that the others had.



The first is a molten lava cake that was decent. And the second was a fig and something pancake.

The service was also very slow and quite sloppy which made our experience of eating there not very nice. I do hope that the kinks will be worked out as time goes and this will be a place where I can go and enjoy a good meal

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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