Fondant Cakes at Hot Breads! !

Hot Breads has been synonymous with great cakes and other baked items in Chennai. They are now introducing fondant cakes. Starting off these cakes for the upcoming Valentine’s day!

I had the opportunity to try some of them and they were very good.



Any shapes and characters can be created by them to be added to the lovely moist cakes underneath.

I tried a chocolate base cake with chocolate butter cream filling and it was yummy as was the Red Velvet. Red Velvet muffins with cream cheese frosting was good too.


They also make plain white fondant cakes, you can see at the back in the above picture. They will give you edible ink pens so you can customize the writing on the cake. These edible ink pens are also for sale at Rs. 150 each.

If you are looking to taste cakes made just for you do look out for the Valentine’s day contest on the Hot Breads Facebook page! !!

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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  1. Himanshu says:

    Marry someone who can bake. Love fades, hunger doesn’t.

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