CPK – Hollywood Menu

CPK has rolled out an awesome new menu, for a limited time, Hollywood favorites. People are in for a treat!


This menu is available only for a short time so do catch it before its gone. There are a variety of new pizzas but alas only one is veg.


This veggie pizza was delicious! The mushroom and zucchini added to the delicate flavor which was then defined by the thin crust texture.
The spinach and paneer gnocchi was exceptional, sadly I don’t have more pictures as my phone died. The sauce used in the gnocchi perfectly blended and gave your mouth a flavor burst to enjoy.

I also tried some chipotle rice, which is a side item and this was also really good. It had some black beans and tomatoes with a hint of chipotle flavor making it very rich in flavor.

The spaghetti pasta was by the the most ordinary dish that I tried. It was also a little low on the salt and therefore seemed a tad bland to me and didn’t hit the right spots!

Dinner ended with another awesome dessert! A multi flavor layer mousse. It had dark and white chocolate and strawberry mousse layers which just melt in your mouth and added in were also cranberry and almond brittle pcs. It was just so YUM! do try it as it will definitely make u feel better and make u feel gr8 if ur already better 😉

This limited edition menu is available only till the 16th of March so make sure u get a slice of it! !!

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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