Cheesecake Factory!

It’s been a while since I posted anything and I said if I should start again it must b with something good. So here goes.

It was a night for celebration and since I was in a mood for indulgence decided to go to cheesecake factory, the best place for cheesecake.

First v got a basket of their famous sourdough and chocolate breads. I have no words to describe the chocolate bread. It has very subtle flavors and just melts in your mouth. One basket just won’t be enough.


I saw that they had a new skinnylisious menu giving u options on healthy eating. It was here something caught my eye. Pear and blue cheese flatbread. So decided to try it.


Also ordered a veggie burger from the skinnylisious menu which was also really good.

Finally for the cheesecake, I wanted to have the tiramisu one, my favorite, but the kids vetoed me to it. So got the original with strawberry. It was so creamy and rich that it was gone quite fast. None left to take a pic too 🙂

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!


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