New Yorker, Chennai

Going to dinner on a Sunday is becoming more and more ..,….,…..a pain in the ass these days! It seems that all of Chennai’s population can afford only this one night to get out and party?

And if you do choose this fateful night as ur adventurous night of wandering, bear in mind to stay clear of the only VEG places or pray u don’t get caught in the stampede! The mad rush here could put the safari stampedes to shame!

If by some glorious miracle you find yourself not caught in this mess but silently await your name to be called from the ever growing list of people waiting to be seated, be sure to watch out for those who will bribe the valets to get bumped up to the top! While another burns the telephone limes to get the owners to bump him up!!! And we wonder y there is so much corruption in the country.

By the time you are finally seated and still have an appetite left to eat, it will get thrown out the window as there are people hovering over you to take your seat as soon as your done. So gobble gobble!!

The food in itself was quite good, I wish to go back someday sans the mad rush!!!


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