Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay, CA

On a bright sunny day we decided to head out to the beach so that we cld enjoy some sun and sand. I had the relaxing at the beach but my brother had pigging out at the Ritz in mind.

After a bite of the delicious food at the Ritz nothing else mattered!
We got a raspberry lemonade which was so refreshing.


The fresh raspberries added to the tartness of the lemonade and made it a very pleasing drink.

We got some fries with an garlic aioli dipping sauce and it was awesome!!! It turned sometimes simple like fries into gourmet!

I got a baked brie dish, which was just brie cheese baked to perfection served along with some toasted garlic bread. At first, seeing the quantity, I thought it would not be enough but I couldn’t even finish half!


The rest of the family got a few other things, which I don’t remember now, but the service was exceptional! They made everything vegetarian as per our requests and catered to our every whim and fancy! Was truly blown away in every aspect.


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