Prem’s Grama Bhojanam, Adyar

Welcome to a world of simple and unpretentious food. This place serves food made with different types of locally sourced millets. You will find white rice and wheat, sulking and waiting outside as you won’t find any items with them.


We ordered quite a few items from the menu. Starting with puttu made with black rice. It was sweet, light and very tasty.
Next came the pesarettu, this we felt was a Lil dry but tasty all the same. A friend ordered sukku coffee, this my friends is not really coffee. After realising its not coffee, I braved tasting it and was pleasantly surprised. Its made with dry ginger and gives a very refreshing feeling.
The owner was kind enough to give us samples of rasam rice and sambar rice again ( not white rice). These were amazingly good too.


If your looking for something to treat your worn out taste buds do head out here. Keep an open mind and you won’t b disappointed.


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