Rajdhani Phoenix Mall

With so many new places opening up its very hard to try and go back to some that you have tried and tested. But some places u go cause they give you food and value for money. Rajdhani is one such place that you can count on no matter what, with the same standards for taste and quality of the food they serve.
I do have to say that I was quite put off by the one in EA mall, it seems that some quality issues are not being taken care over there. No such complaints at Phoenix so far!
On a night where we wanted something wholesome and filling and not breaking the bank to achieve that, we went in to dine at Rajdhani. The food was good and service on par too.
Restaurants score brownie points with me when they make an attempt to take care of their younger guests. Our daughter, picky eater, barely touched anything we were trying g to feed her, then suddenly the waiter appeared with a plate full of small pooris. Albeit they were small, but they got the job done. My daughter ate away happily and we were glad that she ate something!
It amazes me why all restaurants don’t take an effort for such small gestures that will ensure the customer to be back to their place. Oh well…. we know which places we will frequent when we dine with kids šŸ™‚


Bon appetite!


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