Chap Chay, Raintree, Chennai

I’ve always wondered what makes a good restaurant? Is it only the food? The ambience? Or something more? Most people while talking about their favorite place also include the way you are treated there, if the serve staff/ manager remember your name, if they make accommodation for your food preferences or even make you something not on the menu just to make sure you get what you like!

For me one such place is Chap Chay at Raintree Hotel St. Mary’s road. I’ve always felt welcomed there, and found the food also to be great. The staff, I’ve found, are very helpful and courteous.


This is tofu on stick, its a fine example of great blend of flavors. The tofu is also at the right texture, not too soft not too hard.

On this particular night that was I had. They also offer a Mongolian type stir fry, which is unlimited, where you can choose your noodles and veggies etc. They have a decent variety and also the sauces to be cooked in come a plenty.


This was what hubby got which was some sea food noodles along with spinach noodles in a sweet and sour sauce.
We normally also order their blooming tea which we like to have after the meal.


If you are in Chennai and are looking for southeast Asian food this is a definitive visit.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl


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