Pantry talks, Idly/ dosa batter


I have been spending time at mom’s place as they are off visiting my brother. It’s nice to have a empty house to work/ relax in. This also poses the problem of feeding myself? As my mom emptied everything before they left.

As I started getting hungry everyday for breakfast and after consuming a lot of other junk I decided I need to get batter to make Idly or dosa.

In my quest to find good batter I picked up the first packet i saw at Spencer’s in the refrigerated section. I had never heard of this brand, why would I I’ve always had batter prepared at home by mom or mom in law. This brand was called ID.

After a few failed attempts to get anything resembling a dosa I was almost ready to give up thinking this was not my piece of cake and I should just stick to bread and croissants for breakfast. Little did I realize that the batter needs to room temperature and the pan hot for the best, crispy dosas. Well I’m sure by now u can tell I dont do this very much! :/

After ditching a sticky pan and using another dosa pan, I was finally able to get good, tasty dosas. Learnt my lesson there. But the question still looms over the horizon; was this the best available in the market today?

So I picked up a batch of dosa batter from grand sweets (GS) in Adyar.
This batter looks different, while the ID batter was pure white this one has some specks. I’m not sure what else they r adding to make the batter. The GS one was a lot thicker too, I had to thin it out a bit before using. In the both were equally good, although I thought the dosas were a little crisper with the GS batter.

Will update here as I different brands and other  batters 🙂

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl


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