Dipping Pot, TTK road


After a not so thrilling movie, it was not yet time for dinner but way past snack hour, so we headed to dipping pot. I had seen this place number of times on my way home and decided to chk it out.

The soups and sandwiches posted outside drew us in as we didn’t want anything heavy. Also they had pasta which is what my daughter wanted. The place was empty expect for another couple.

The place was done up well. The menus were swanky Samsung Tabs!! On looking at the sandwich options there weren’t too many that were adult friendly and veg. So ordered a pink sauce veg pasta for my daughter and paneer fritters as starters.



The pasta was nice, had a good helping of veggies which I personally like, especially when feeding my daughter. Normally most places skimp on the veggies so I was happy in that front here.

The paneer fritters were also good, the paneer was really soft. The fries served with it were spiced which complemented the relatively low flavor paneer. The sweet chilli sauce that accompanied the paneer also worked well.

We were quite full and didn’t have anything sweet. I was also told that more items like burgers and soups will be added soon to the menu.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl


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