Jonah’s goes to Japan, PMC blogger event

Chennai Food Guide in association with Phoenix Market City organized a food blogging event showcasing a few of the restaurants in Phoenix mall.

Jonah’s goes to Japan was our first stop for this event. I had never been to this place before and was looking forward to the experience there. We were introduced to the staff and the chefs at the restaurant and they had laid out quite an extensive menu for is to cover.


Looking at the menu I realized that my veg options were few, but the staff said they wld ensure I had enough to try.


We started off with a paneer appetizer, it had a good flavor to it although I found the paneer itself to be a little tough.


Then moved on to a crossaintwich, the roasted veggies had a good flavor and also had a bit of a crunch which enhanced the overall flavor.


Next I was served a pesto pasta, the pesto was very good and tasted very fresh. The basil and walnut flavors came thru and I did enjoy this pasta quite a bit.

There was also steak served for the meat eaters and I saw they got mashed potatoes along with it. It looked soo good I asked for a serving for myself and it was just so creamy and so yumm!!





Finally we got sushi, the orange crusted one was a seafood variety and the other 2 veg. The sushi was very good and very well made. The wasabi and the ginger also were good. I really did enjoy the sushi a lot especially since the wasabi did a fabulous job of clearing my sinuses 🙂

Sinuses clear I could now tackle the desserts, the desserts here come from Pondicherry. We tried the opera cake which was ok as the wafer portion tasted a little odd.



I forgot the name of this one! It was good, it had an internal filling of some  berries compote.

Definitely worth going here, especially for the sushi.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl


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