CPK PMC blogger event

As a part of the Phoenix Market City food blogging event, in association with Chennai food Guide, went to California Pizza Kitchen.

As this is one of my usual jaunts I was excited to try things that I normally would not order by myself.
We ordered drinks first and i choose a strawberry lemonade.


First up was the Thai Crunch salad, which is listed with chicken on the menu and therefore I’ve never tried it. But i was told that day that all of the non veg items on the menu can be made veg!!! How cool is that!!


Then got to try the black bean quesadilla, which was also good.


Had the lettuce wrap next, this uses lettuce leaves to hold the veggies in while you roll it up and eat. Very tasty and refreshing.


Finally another salad, can’t remember the correct name! It had nuts and dates and had lots of flavor.


First pizza we tried was the Tostada which is one of CPK signature dishes. It’s a hot and cold pizza, where the pizza is hot and has a topping of cold lettuce.

Next was the kasuri paneer pizza, this was very flavorful. The paneer had a good flavor and texture and it blended well with the other toppings.


We also had the Greek pizza, which was topped with olives and feta. It had good flavor and very filling.
For desserts we ended up having Tiramisu and the white chocolate strawberry cheesecake. Both of which are very good and what I usually get. 🙂

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl


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