Ciclo Cafe, kotturpuram

I’ve decided to leave the weekend rush and madness to try any new restaurants or anything else for that matter. So my daughter and I went to Ciclo on a Monday night.

Right from the start I was very impressed with the service how they took care, from the valet to the person seating us. After we were seated I saw that they had a combo deal going on which would hold true till 7pm. As we were there before 7 we chose the veg combo with pizza, sandwich was the other option, it came with a mock tail and was priced at 299. Non veg was priced at 349.

We got a cucumber mint refresher as the mocktail, and true to its name it was very refreshing and light.


The pizza we got was verdure, or so was the name. Was quite huge, 6 slices, I assumed it would be small as a part of the combo. It too was delicious.


I also got a soup, the bellpepper zucchini soup. This was also very light and had good flavor, a tad bit too much Rosemary for my preference though.


Finally got dessert, the salted caramel cheesecake. This was disappointing to me. The crust was not like a crust and very soft, which I don’t like, the cake was very doughy. It almost felt like eating a yeasty thing.



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