CPK pizza trails Menu

California Pizza Kitchen has introduced a new pizza trails menu featuring select pizza from different countries. I was able to try a few different ones, here goes…..


First up was a blue horizon drink, with citrus flavors and Blue Curacao syrup, was quite refreshing for a hot day.


Next up was a cottage cheese dish, crusted with seasoning. While I got the veg version the non veg version also looked similar and both were good.


Since I can’t full pizzas by myself I got 2 different flavors in the same pizza, half and half.
The first set was peri-peri and Thai curry flavors.
Both I felt were lacking a bit in flavor, the peri peri can be spiced up more and the Thai curry one had a very unique flavor which didn’t agree well with me.


The next set had the friolles from Mexico and the pizza from south Africa (I forget the name) both were really good full of flavor and textures.


I could get the pic of only the Mexican one.

Finally for dessert got the Enigma, which is a dessert in a jar with lots of mascarpone cheese and cream and figs and was absolutely decadent, a definite must try for the end of the meal.


Do go and chk out the other country pizzas as this is available only till Nov 17th.


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