Cocoa Jaunt 1728 @ Cenatoph Road

A bunch of us were invited to the launch of this new bakery/cafe, as they call it. Its opposite to the Japanese consulate if you are trying to locate it.

The owners were there to meet and mingle with us and tell us more about the concept and how cocoa jaunt came to be. They are focused on presenting fresh breads and food for the customers.

We had quite a few things on the list to be tried that day, started with a blue Curacao drink called blue bay. It was a little too sweet for my liking.



The above was green apple and kiwi granita, it was light and refreshing.


Onion and cheese fries with onion and cheese dip


Peri peri fries with peri peri dip

I preferred the mix and match combination when it came to the fires and the associated dips. The cheese and onion dip tasted better with the peri peri fries and vice versa. Do try it that and take a call for yourself.


Pander tikka garlic bread, was good we all polished it off in no time 🙂


Peri peri paneer sandwich, was also good and quite filling.


This was a nutty caramel milkshake, also very thick and filling.

A couple of pizzas were also served, I was too full to try anything so missed out on them, but the rest of the crew loved them so make sure u get ur own slice


The desserts platter had a German cake, bitter and blanc with vanilla sauce (this was the one in the cup) Madeleine cookie and a caramel chocolate.


This dish called paneer curry bunny chow sort of resembles a bread bowl soup. This curry was very spicy and I did not enjoy it very much.


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