Everyone loves food! I took this one step forward by studying it, having got both my BS and MS frm the US in food science, I then went on to work in different food companies and finally landing at my dream job with Kraft Foods. Doing sensory and consumer studies as a part of my BS got me really interested in this field and therefore did everything to work in this field. After working for cereal manufacturing companies, and handling QC I went where i belonged. Kraft foods understood the importance of sensory and consumer evaluation and therefore had a large group at their R&D facility.

Now back in India not having found a suitable job, opened a lil Ice cream store with a difference. All ICs are custom made per each customers choice. There are different milks and sugar choices for making your IC. and all this is made rt in front of the customer!

Not wanting to leave my sensory background I am now slowly consulting with a few companies and restaurants 🙂


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  1. Krishna Moorthy says:

    I would like to get in touch with you for my client CPK. Request you to share your email id/phone number to get in touch.

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