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Ciclo Cafe, kotturpuram

I’ve decided to leave the weekend rush and madness to try any new restaurants or anything else for that matter. So my daughter and I went to Ciclo on a Monday night.

Right from the start I was very impressed with the service how they took care, from the valet to the person seating us. After we were seated I saw that they had a combo deal going on which would hold true till 7pm. As we were there before 7 we chose the veg combo with pizza, sandwich was the other option, it came with a mock tail and was priced at 299. Non veg was priced at 349.

We got a cucumber mint refresher as the mocktail, and true to its name it was very refreshing and light.


The pizza we got was verdure, or so was the name. Was quite huge, 6 slices, I assumed it would be small as a part of the combo. It too was delicious.


I also got a soup, the bellpepper zucchini soup. This was also very light and had good flavor, a tad bit too much Rosemary for my preference though.


Finally got dessert, the salted caramel cheesecake. This was disappointing to me. The crust was not like a crust and very soft, which I don’t like, the cake was very doughy. It almost felt like eating a yeasty thing.



CPK PMC blogger event

As a part of the Phoenix Market City food blogging event, in association with Chennai food Guide, went to California Pizza Kitchen.

As this is one of my usual jaunts I was excited to try things that I normally would not order by myself.
We ordered drinks first and i choose a strawberry lemonade.


First up was the Thai Crunch salad, which is listed with chicken on the menu and therefore I’ve never tried it. But i was told that day that all of the non veg items on the menu can be made veg!!! How cool is that!!


Then got to try the black bean quesadilla, which was also good.


Had the lettuce wrap next, this uses lettuce leaves to hold the veggies in while you roll it up and eat. Very tasty and refreshing.


Finally another salad, can’t remember the correct name! It had nuts and dates and had lots of flavor.


First pizza we tried was the Tostada which is one of CPK signature dishes. It’s a hot and cold pizza, where the pizza is hot and has a topping of cold lettuce.

Next was the kasuri paneer pizza, this was very flavorful. The paneer had a good flavor and texture and it blended well with the other toppings.


We also had the Greek pizza, which was topped with olives and feta. It had good flavor and very filling.
For desserts we ended up having Tiramisu and the white chocolate strawberry cheesecake. Both of which are very good and what I usually get. ūüôā

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl

Little Italy Besant Nagar

Long ago I saw that little Italy had opened at Besant Nagar and it looked really good from outside. So was looking for every opportunity to visit this place.

This Saturday was meeting some friends for dinner and we decided to go there. We were 5 adults with one child. As it was my daughter’s dinner v quickly ordered some pasta for her and got Nachos for us. We told the waiter to bring it quickly and so they did. Kudos for that.

I ordered a Robin Hood drink which was supposed to be strawberry but tasted more like lime!

Our friends were delayed coming but not once were we asked ” is the rest of ur party joining shortly”. And it was a busy night all the tables were full, but the service was gr8 !!
We got risotto pizza and spaghetti all very good and generous portions. The only thing was v ordered the pizza with sun dried tomatoes, which were tiny that they passed for olives, but tasted good nonetheless.
Definitely going back again! !


Lemon cheesecake as our daughter loves lemon/lime who also finished my drink!

purely my views and these can and will differ from others. discretion advised!

CPK Pizza Fest

The new festival at california pizza kitchen is awesome! You get to try 8 of 10 different varieties of pizzas. I was a lil disappointed to see the pizza size was small especially since we were 3 of us sharing the platter. By the end it was quite nice that they were small as we could get the flavors well from each one. The platter costs 599 for veg option. Ended the meal with a Tiramisu, which was simply outstanding!! ūüôā

CPK Again!

On invite, I went to California Pizza Kitchen to check out more things on the menu this time. I had the opportunity to meet the chef and interact with him for some time, which was a good thing as he explained a lot of things. One fact that i learnt from him was that all the Veg stuff in CPK is truly Veg including the parmesan cheese! CPK changed suppliers to ensure that the cheese on Veg pizza was truly Veg.

I started out with a summer freeze drink after deciding not to go with the cucumber delight, which i presumed to be very cumcumbry, but when i did try it was quite refreshing and had more of a green apple flavor.

We got Mediterranean Focaccia as appetizers, this was server along with garlic butter and olive oil and herbs. Can see the pic above. The focaccia was light and the garlic butter with the bread was really good.

Next we got the Sedona Tortilla soup, this is a thick tomato based soup flavored with mild spices and tortilla pieces adding texture and increasing the flavor of the soup.

Next came absolutely amazing dishes: the lettuce wraps and the black bean quesadilla. The lettuce wraps are nothing but large lettuce leaves that come with a paneer filling (non veg options also available). So you make your own wrap by adding the filling to the lettuce and rolling and eating. The sweet sour flavor of the paneer filling along with the crunch of lettuce is very good. the water chestnuts in the paneer filling truly gave the flavor a boost.

The Black bean quesadilla served with tartar sauce was delicious

Next came the Pizzas, no need any introductions here. The tortilla pizza was great as usual. The california pizza was also great with all the individual veggies giving their distinct flavors to the pizza.

I was too full to eat any more at this point but couldnt resist the pasta that was served and decided to have a little morsel and was glad that i did. absolutely amazing pasta.

You would think that after eating all this there would be no room left in the tummy, but who would say no to dessert! especially such good dessert. The white chocolate strawberry cheesecake and red velvet cake was just fabulous! as evidenced by what is left on the plate.

but the icing on the cake for me was the Tiramisu! undoubtedly the best Tiramisu in town, too bad I had to share with the others and got only a few mouthfuls ūüė¶

As this post has taken me a while to publish, CPK has some wonderful things going on right now that you may want to check out.

‚ÄėMasterChef Australia Season 5‚Äô celebration at California Pizza Kitchen, Chennai,¬†During this celebration, till December 2013, MasterChef Italian dishes such as¬†Roasted Tomato & Aragula Pizza, Creamy Artichoke Penne¬†and5 Spice Lemon Garlic Baked Basa¬†will be served at California Pizza Kitchen, Chennai.


The CPK outlet now gives all pizza lovers a reason to rejoice with its exclusive initiative,¬†‚ÄėPizza Fest‚Äô. This festival will see a phenomenal range of world inspired pizzas fused with exquisite flavours. The outlet has rolled out special, tapas-style platters. These platters,¬†available across all its outlets from¬†September 25 ‚Äď October 13, 2013,¬†allow customers to sample a variety of pizzas for the price of one!

Dont Miss these exciting opportunities!!!!

CFG Showcase – Tuscana

Last month the CFG showcased Tuscana’s, Wallace Garden, new offerings. Also a new manager was taking our the reins at the place and was good to meet up with her. We started off with some garlic bread, called Baguette all’Aglio,¬†which was hot and had a good garlic flavor, nothing too strong, no vamipers to drive away!

 pic courtesy: Saraswathi Balachandran

Next came another appetizer which almost like the pizza base baked with some herbs and a nice tomato dip to go with it. It did seem like everyone was hungry as even the carrots and cucumbers were polished off! ūüôā

 pic courtesy: Gowrisanker Shiva

Next came a couple of salads Insalata Caprese and Insalata Toscana

                                                                                                                                                                                                          This salad was good with the mozzarella cheese being very flavorful and just melted in the mouth.

The next salad also was very flavorful, bursting with the flavors of olives and lettuce, pears cheese and a hint of chives, which were placed as long stems rather than chopped and therefore missed every fork bite!

This was followed by Pizzas

This pizza was made gluten free and was well rounded. A lot of veggies as topping so all the flavors blended together and werent distinct. The baby corn added a nice texture while eating.

Next came the Hot Chili Pizza. This was really good the red beans gave a very distinct sweet flavor to offset the heat of the jalapenos. Definitely  kept the taste buds buzzing all night.

Next was the Alla Norma (Gluten Free penne) which was nice

Then came the Aglio Aromatizzata, this fettuccine packed a lot  of flavor. Not he usual alfredo sauce along with fettuccine this olive oil herb dressing was divine.

Lastly came the desserts, Tiramisu and Pannacotta. The tiramisu was good and moist, the pannacotta was coffee flavored which gave it a stiff texture. Somehow it didnt feel like a pannacotta but more like pudding.

All pics courtesy Saraswathi Balachander, except one.

California Pizza Kitchen whooo hoooo!!!

I was super excited to see that CPK would be opening soon at Phoenix mall. Every time we went to that mall i would walk around that spot to see if it had opened or any signs of it opening soon. So i got all excited this past weekend when I saw there were no shutter and there were people inside. I went asked if they were open and I was told it would open the following Monday (yesterday). I had spent 2 years having lunch from CPK everyday!! yeah what can I say it was close to work and more importantly i was addicted to their food.

I had eaten all of their Veg pizzas and even the Non-Veg ones that could be made without the meat were made ¬†for me. So monday night a friend and I went there to see how things were. Now although I was told they were opening Monday, our friends went there on sunday itself and had liked the place. We were the only 2 people who were there and then later some more people came in. As we were the only 2 customers for a while we had all the attention!! Everyone kept coming to our table to talk to us and ask how things were to the point it got quite annoying. So when we saw 2 forks with our place setting my friend said that the 2nd fork was to poke the annoying people away ūüėČ

We got the letteuce wraps with paneer, the letteuce was nice and crisp and the panner filling also had a good flavor. the filling came on a bed of thin fried “vadaams” and this crispy texture added to the flavor of the overall wrap. Taking our timeto order the mani course, we decided to try the Tostada pizza, which was one of my favorites anyway. the pizza also had a good flavor. This was one ¬†of their hot and cold pizzas. Hot and cold pizzas are where the crust would be hot and the topping layer would be cold stuff. It comes with a salsa sauce which you add on top and much away!!

We finished the meal with a very heavenly creamy white chocolate strawberry cheesecake. Perfect ending to a meal. All this along with 2 drinks gave us a bill of ~ 2000. looking for the next occassion to go  there again.