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October fest Menu @ HRC

Hard Rock Cafe introduced a new limited time menu in lieu of October Fest, which will be available till the 8th of November.

I tried a burger from the select menu as there were only a couple of veg options.

I had the LA Confidential Burger, it was a double patty burger with a very nice crusted exterior.

The texture of the patty really helped to bring the flavors together making this very good.

I also tried a small portion of the corn fritters and hummus platter from the regular menu.



I also tried a Pomegranate Margarita which I liked coz it wasn’t overly sweet whereas the second drink I tried, very berry, was a little too sweet for my liking.



The desserts were also awesome, I tried the redvelvet cake served along side ice cream and dessert bites caramel chocolate cheesecake.



Do try and get a taste from this menu before its too late :)!


Vasco’s @ The Hilton, Chennai


This past monday, met with my gal pals to celebrate women’s day, albeit a day too late. We decided to meet for dinner at Vasco’s at the Hilton as it would be closer to a few coming from that side of town.

This was my first visit here although I’d been to the Q bar for a couple of events. I was looking forward to this dinner but was sorely disappointed with the food and service.

Vasco’s has a buffet for dinner, which was what we opted for. The staff brought us some tomato soup, which was about the only thing that screamed delicious, that I had 2 helpings of. At this point we were told veg and non veg starters would be brought to the table.

A couple of non veg starters arrived, the veg ones didn’t show. The server then took an order for pizza and pasta and said it will come with veg starter. Finally some paneer and something else showed up and after reminding the server the pizza also came.

We then walked to get our food, as the food is spread out it gives an impression of plenty. There was a sushi station so got all the 3 veg varieties they had. This was good along with the wasabi that cleared my sinuses instantly.

Next picked up some salads which were ok as were the dumplings. The cheese platter had a good assortment and some yummy salted almonds and sweet apricots. The veg noodles were sweet and not very tasty. The fried rice had minimal flavor but was ok.

The curd rice was innovatively served in small glass jars, unfortunately the one I got had rice lumps which were hard without any curd mixed into them. Didn’t try any of the subzi as they didn’t appeal much to me.

Finally went for desserts and it was disappointing. The white forest cake was quite bad, I for one felt its way past its expiry date. The spiced apple had neither apple nor spice flavor. The strawberry cheesecake was not really a cheesecake! There was a crepe station, manned by no one, finally someone came and brought us chocolate, strawberry and butterscotch ones. I only tried the chocolate which was ok, the chocolate sauce felt like a cheap version and not rich, they could have just stuck with nutella. My friends who tried the strawberry said it was bad and could eat more than a bite.

I must say that while we placed our orders for crepe is when our pasta arrived. It was just pasta and white sauce, my friends thought i had got to take back to my daughter. Considering it was Hilton and the buffet priced at some 1900 plus tax, one would hope the standards would have been better. Alas this may be one of those places which we will probably never see again.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl

Chap Chay, Raintree, Chennai

I’ve always wondered what makes a good restaurant? Is it only the food? The ambience? Or something more? Most people while talking about their favorite place also include the way you are treated there, if the serve staff/ manager remember your name, if they make accommodation for your food preferences or even make you something not on the menu just to make sure you get what you like!

For me one such place is Chap Chay at Raintree Hotel St. Mary’s road. I’ve always felt welcomed there, and found the food also to be great. The staff, I’ve found, are very helpful and courteous.


This is tofu on stick, its a fine example of great blend of flavors. The tofu is also at the right texture, not too soft not too hard.

On this particular night that was I had. They also offer a Mongolian type stir fry, which is unlimited, where you can choose your noodles and veggies etc. They have a decent variety and also the sauces to be cooked in come a plenty.


This was what hubby got which was some sea food noodles along with spinach noodles in a sweet and sour sauce.
We normally also order their blooming tea which we like to have after the meal.


If you are in Chennai and are looking for southeast Asian food this is a definitive visit.

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

Ruth Reichl

Rajdhani Phoenix Mall

With so many new places opening up its very hard to try and go back to some that you have tried and tested. But some places u go cause they give you food and value for money. Rajdhani is one such place that you can count on no matter what, with the same standards for taste and quality of the food they serve.
I do have to say that I was quite put off by the one in EA mall, it seems that some quality issues are not being taken care over there. No such complaints at Phoenix so far!
On a night where we wanted something wholesome and filling and not breaking the bank to achieve that, we went in to dine at Rajdhani. The food was good and service on par too.
Restaurants score brownie points with me when they make an attempt to take care of their younger guests. Our daughter, picky eater, barely touched anything we were trying g to feed her, then suddenly the waiter appeared with a plate full of small pooris. Albeit they were small, but they got the job done. My daughter ate away happily and we were glad that she ate something!
It amazes me why all restaurants don’t take an effort for such small gestures that will ensure the customer to be back to their place. Oh well…. we know which places we will frequent when we dine with kids 🙂


Bon appetite!

Prem’s Grama Bhojanam, Adyar

Welcome to a world of simple and unpretentious food. This place serves food made with different types of locally sourced millets. You will find white rice and wheat, sulking and waiting outside as you won’t find any items with them.


We ordered quite a few items from the menu. Starting with puttu made with black rice. It was sweet, light and very tasty.
Next came the pesarettu, this we felt was a Lil dry but tasty all the same. A friend ordered sukku coffee, this my friends is not really coffee. After realising its not coffee, I braved tasting it and was pleasantly surprised. Its made with dry ginger and gives a very refreshing feeling.
The owner was kind enough to give us samples of rasam rice and sambar rice again ( not white rice). These were amazingly good too.


If your looking for something to treat your worn out taste buds do head out here. Keep an open mind and you won’t b disappointed.

New Yorker, Chennai

Going to dinner on a Sunday is becoming more and more ..,….,…..a pain in the ass these days! It seems that all of Chennai’s population can afford only this one night to get out and party?

And if you do choose this fateful night as ur adventurous night of wandering, bear in mind to stay clear of the only VEG places or pray u don’t get caught in the stampede! The mad rush here could put the safari stampedes to shame!

If by some glorious miracle you find yourself not caught in this mess but silently await your name to be called from the ever growing list of people waiting to be seated, be sure to watch out for those who will bribe the valets to get bumped up to the top! While another burns the telephone limes to get the owners to bump him up!!! And we wonder y there is so much corruption in the country.

By the time you are finally seated and still have an appetite left to eat, it will get thrown out the window as there are people hovering over you to take your seat as soon as your done. So gobble gobble!!

The food in itself was quite good, I wish to go back someday sans the mad rush!!!

Chipotle, NYC

Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the  best options for people, who like me, are vegetarians.

You get to choose from burrito, tacos etc, the meat or in my case, beans option and they will make it for you within a few minutes. Very very tasty and very very addictive.


This was soft tacos with beans filling, lettuce, cheese and guacamole.

When I got to CA, I found some very enterprising Indians who started something similar with the Indian twist! Chapatti or poor is, with an option to choose from 3 different curries! Make it as a wrap or as is! Cool!!!!