Kryptos by Willi – CFG Showcase

The day started out very dull and blah as my friend would say it and I kept thinking that I had something I needed to do but just couldnt remember. The phone rings at 7:15 pm with a friend asking if i was going to the Kryptos Showcase! Now that’s what kept gnawing at the back of  my brain, so ran out and made it with time to spare.

Kryptos offers Mediterranean cuisine which is hard to find around these parts. They have done such a great job trying to maintain the authentic flavors of this type of cuisine. As the photographers were clicking away and some stomachs were growling away we were finally given a Mezze platter to clam the raging tummies

Everything was really good and by the time we were done the plate didnt even need cleaning! 🙂

Next came the Asparagus soup, it was very light and creamy and a wonderful asparagus flavor rather than any spices which was soooo good that I actually got a second helping.

The grilled Paneer was very flavorful and had a good balance of spices.

After a good amount of stuffing finally got the rice stuffed in peppers, which was also very good although i clouldnt eat much.

For dessert we got pannacotta, which was good and baklava which i thought was a little on the hard side and not very easy to cut, but tasted good all the same.

We were then told that this restaurant will going forward be a completely vegetarian!! So make sure you check them out


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